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PPI Claims: Evidences to Help Your Claim

A remaining 10.8 billion UK citizens are urged to file a claim for mis sold PPI. PPI or payment protection insurance is an effective insurance policy, but because of the unfair sales methods of bank representatives, insurance brokers and other commission-based financial advisers, PPI has become a big problem for the entire United Kingdom.

To make a PPI claim, you’ll need to consider the following details to ensure your success. First, you must know how you are mis sold PPI and how you are ineligible for the insurance policy. In this way, you can finally consult with legal experts and know your consumer rights, which can help make your claim successful.

PPI requires that customers are initially employed, within the claiming age and have an excellent health condition. If not, they are not eligible for the insurance policy. If you posses medical and employment records along with your birth certificate, using copies of these to prove that before the date of purchase you were unemployed or self employed, not within the claiming age and had a pre-existing medical condition will be effective for your claims.

Proving that you are mis sold PPI will need you to assess how your bank representative, insurance broker or any financial adviser sold you the insurance policy. You’ll need to assess the details they explained to you. If you claim that you’ve trusted the judgment of your financial adviser, you are mis sold PPI. Try to find out if your insurance broker or financial adviser worked on a commission-basis; to earn commission, they have the priority to sell you the highest-priced insurance product they have, and proving they work on commission can increase the likelihood of proving this point.

To avoid any legalities that might lead to counter-claims against you, be sure to consult with a claims expert such as Most claims handling companies offer a free consultation with their claims experts. It is advised that you work with them to ensure the success of your PPI claim

Spanish Bond Yields Surge as US Stocks Decline

Today, the Spanish borrowing costs surged as the US stocks declined all over the stock market. The Euro Zone crisis, a great factor in the economical climate nowadays, has improved as the Greece appears to have stayed in the Euro, agreeing with their austerity terms for their bailout.

In the United States, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) lost 0.8 percent in German trading. Facebook Inc (FB) loses 1.1 percent today. Standard & Poor’s 500 index stocks dropped around 0.2%, 6:48 AM in New York today after rising around 0.6-0.7%. Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 37 points or 0.3% today.

While confidence that Greece is not turning back on the Euro, experts state that things would particularly get difficult now that the country has chosen the ‘victory for the European Countries’. However, they also mention that the problems with Spain’s banking system and debt metrics prove to be one of the greatest threats which might put the country in the same position as Greece. Spain might potentially lose their market access as well.

In Greece, the New Democracy won against the radical leftists SYRIZA and PASOK. Both radical political parties are calling for Greece to return to the Drachma and leave the Euro behind. Earlier today, 97.1% of the counted votes reflect that 29.1% of the votes go to the New Democracy, 26.7% to SYRIZA and 12.6% to the PASOK political party.