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Beauty on a Budget – 10 Gorgeous and Affordable Mascaras

I’m obsessed with mascara, even before I trained as a Makeup Artist I was always saving up my paper round money to buy the latest mascara. As you can imagine I’ve tried and tested every mascara on the market.

Which Mascara Is The Right One For You?

Mascara’s have a use by date of 6 months as you can get eye infections if you use one that is out of date. When you are deciding which one to buy I recommend that you check ophthalmologists test it, as if it is it will be suitable to be used on sensitive eyes. First think about what you want your eyelashes to look like.

For instance you might already have long lashes so prefer an original thick wand or if you have thick lashes and would rather give length to your lashes you would be better using a longer wand or if you simply want separation, a plastic wand will be perfect for you. As a Makeup Artist in Manchester I have mastered the technique of applying mascara by placing the wand at the root of the lash for the greatest volume at the root and wiggling the wand. Then for maximum length to the tip of the lash I use a zig zag motion.

budget mascaras

You don’t have to spend a fortune on mascara to achieve a great result

I go through a least one mascara a month, as I prefer to build up the lashes rather than using strip lashes on my clients. I think it looks more natural and most clients are surprised at how long there lashes look, therefore It’s important that I stick to a budget. Here’s a list of reasonably priced effective mascaras so you don’t have to break the bank.

The Top 10 Mascaras You Can Buy For Under £20!

1. L’Oreal Double Extension, it has a primer at one end, a great buy – £11.29
2. Maxfactor False Lash Effect – £7.99
3. No7 Exceptional Definition – £11
4. Maybelline Great Lash – £4.99
5. Stila Glamour Eyes – £15
6. Benefit BADgal lash – £17.50
7. Clinque Doubling – £16.50
8. Bare Minerals Flawless Definition -£16
9. Rimmel Volume Flash Max – £6.99
10. Smashbox Bionic – £17

From the list of mascara the one that I use the most is the L’oreal Double Extension. You can save more money if you collect Boots Advantage Points or shop at the airport duty free. I also like to buy the packs of Lancôme Hypnose Mascara for £29 when they are on sale, so I’m only spending an extra £7 for an extra mascara. There it is, the top 10 affordable mascara’s that give you beautiful lashes – on a budget!

Guest Author Bio: Emmalene Sophia is a Makeup artist based in Manchester, she performs bridal, occasional and TV make up as well as makeup lessons in Manchester and the surrounding area. She regularly blogs at as well as other websites.

Survey Says UK Families are Positive About Future Finances

Financial information company Markit noted that its Household Finance Index (HFI) has reached a higher level in three years. This means that UK citizens are more positive about their household finances since the year 2010.

The HFI’s index, which hit 40.8 in June, signifies a very high number but because it is still below 50, many people found a decline in the standards of living. Anything above 50 is a sign of improvement.

Job security expectations have also improved in the next few years, but many still expect the economy and their financial situations to get worse. Workplace activity indexes fell from 53.3 to 52.8 in June, indicating people are less confident about job security. However, being above 50 in its fifth month indicates people expect more jobs to be stable and only concerns about finances are left.

Analysts said that the labour market condition’s improvement helped increase upturn in household financial expectations in June. Workplace activity had reached very high levels, indicating a decrease in job insecurities.

However, the UK remains having a high unemployment rate, significantly affecting those in the younger age group. The OECD warned that the younger generation spend more time out of work, spending 2.3 years unemployed, because they lack the skills or requirements needed for many occupations.